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(EVEN $0)

Hi, I'm Cory Cory - thanks for coming through! I make pop music with elements of dance, rock, and soul.  I'd love to send you my latest signed EP "Alter Ego" for free, just cover the shipping.  Hit the button below, and I'll get that CD in the mail. 


Why You'll Want It:

  • Comes with the unreleased acoustic of "Closer" - this song will not be released for streaming so you'll have something exclusive no one else has.

  • This is 1 of only 100 printed so it will run out soon, get it now.

  • Deluxe: High Quality Audio: So you can bump in your car.

  • Eco-Friendly: Case is 100% Recycled, Flexitray, and printed using green-friendly ink so you can feel good about not creating more plastic.

I wrote it when I was coming out of a tough time, and maybe you can relate? So I want to be able to send something to you at a price you're comfortable with - even if it's zero dollars.  Just cover the $5 in postage, enter any amount, and I'll send you an autographed physical copy of the album in the mail.

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