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Artist Name: Cory Cory

Genre: Electro Pop/ Dark Pop


Web: www.

Instagram: @CoryCoryStory

Contact: Jess Braun

Phone: (512) 888-8153

Electro-pop Songstress out of Austin, TX.

Cory Cory is the alter-ego of vocalist and songwriter, Jess Braun.


The music is dark pop, with elements of soul, R&B, rock, and electronic.

Jess was ALMOST named "Cory". But her father's stage name was "Bob Cory", and her parents feared everyone in the business might think her real name was "Cory Cory".  Not one to give into fear, Jess now embraces the moniker. 

Having performed for many years in New York and California, Jess now makes her home in TX. She's a working vocalist for several cover bands around town, and is currently promoting her new single "Closer", released in July 2018 on all the major distribution outlets.

"A great singer with a lot of soul in her voice, this songstress has clearly developed herself and is prepared to share her talent with the world." 

-- I Am Entertainment Magazine

"...a vocal powerhouse. She has the sort of voice that can rise above the maelstrom of guitar, bass, and drums in the noisiest club and be heard.” -- Wildy’s World

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Sonically Similar Artists include:

Bishop Briggs, Banks, Halsey

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